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Facebook has the become the world leader in communication and an absolute essential tool needed to secure your stake in the business world!

January 11th, 2013 9am-1pm


Hi my name is Kellie Kuecha and in the past year, Facebook has had a tremendous impact on my Brand and Bottom line and I am excited to finally share my secrets with you!  You may have already at some point taken my Facebook Beginners and Advanced classes and if you have, I am sure you are well on your way to building Facebook success.  However, this training is unlike any I have ever done!  I went from spending 30 minutes in the morning on Facebook to now using as an hour by hour microcosm of my life that has in essence gotten me into the homes and hearts of folks around the world, loads of which have turned into clients.

Over the past year, in my pajamas, I have created a following of over 5,500 friends and fans and built an online women’s Facebook group to over 1,300.  Recently I launched a worldwide movement and captured over 1,300 fans from all around the globe in just 4 days.  I have also generated over $50,000 in online revenue in just the first quarter of this year all from my home computer using Facebook.  My consulting rates begin at $1,000 an hour to train clients in creating massive and memorable marketing campaigns but in this very special training I am going to give you all I’ve got!  In just one hour with me you will be well on your way to enormous success and in this training, I am giving you a whopping 4 hours!

Many people call themselves “Social Media” experts, but can they truly show you the money that they have made?  I can!  My techniques have worked for the thousands that have taken this course.  It’s time for YOU to start capitalizing on Facebook!

Traditional ways of doing business have rapidly become antiquated and you can no longer afford to wait to get trained in this powerful but complex medium!

There will come a time when some of the important components needed to set you apart in business and on Facebook will be taken and like the dot com era, you will say “if I only would have gotten on the band wagon then…!”

My expertise and of course goal is to help you build a platform that eventually will give you access to the world and enable you to launch any new creative idea or venture.

It’s time to let the flood gates open and learn from someone who has demonstrated a large following on Facebook but a very loyal one as well!





Facebook is rapidly replacing the following:








If you don’t rapidly gain an edge you will most certainly fall behind!

The problem with most Facebook users is:

Learn the 7 Critical Mistakes that will instantly cause you to lose credibility and social equity in the Big Wide World of Facebook!

Facebook had significant implication for business owners, marketer, and entrepreneurs.  Facebook is a highly successful online social networking tool and is speeding towards an active membership of 500 million users in the next few months, at a rate of 250,000 registration per day. Analysts predict a membership of 1.5 billion by 2013!

To keep your business current in today’s world, you MUST know how to use the latest conversational marketing techniques and viral technologies, by incorporating Facebook and its array of powerful features into your marketing strategy.

You cannot afford to wait another minute to learn the essentials of leveraging your business and brand on Facebook.

The Solution:

A wise man is one who recognizes opportunity and opens the door for it!

I will personally teach you:

Look at What People are Saying…
“As an Information Technology Leader with over 15 years of experience in Internet Strategy, eCommerce Technologies and Financial Services… I have personally worked hands-on with many business coaches and technical trainers. In the vast sea of people offering such services, I have been very fortunate to both find and work with Kellie Kuecha. Kellie has demonstrated to the world that just by living out her daily life with authenticity, she has been able to build a recognizable name and global brand with great success. Her business and marketing strategies, when applied to Social Media will give you a professional edge and return on investment you would have never thought imaginable! Thank you Kellie for the knowledge, drive and passion behind everything you do, as well as pass on to others!!!”
Aaron Friedman, Owner of Fanpage Toolkit
“I logged on to Facebook about a year ago. I had 250 plus friends in 2 weeks from people I knew in the past but my objective was to build my business. After I took Kellie’s course on techniques with facebook and growing your business, I took action and implemented those techniques immediately. It’s now been about a year. I’m approaching 3,000 friends, I have earned many clients and have connected to many strong contacts to help me grow my business. Thank you Kellie!” ”
Jay Robbins,Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist

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